‘Pokémon GO’ Latest News & Updates: December Update Brings 100 Gen 2 Creatures? Mew, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Entei, Latios, Lugia Coming Too?

11 months ago
  • “Pokemon Go” latest update will be launched this December plus an avid player wrote a feature article on how the game helped him from anxiety.
    (Photo: GameXplain/Youtube Screenshot)

Pokémon GO” may no longer be that fever from when it was released, but Niantic keeps striving for the title to remain relevant to those who have not yet abandoned it. The company released Ditto for capture last week and now can make 100 new Pokémon available in the December update.

Nothing was officially announced, but the sites PokeVS and The Silph Road tracked the source code of “Pokémon GO” after he received Ditto and discovered snippets that indicate the arrival of 100 new monsters, both normal and legendary. How to catch Ditto in “Pokémon GO.” However, it only indicates the existence of the Pokémon and there is no clue of who they may be.

There is nothing about their powers, blows, nothing. The sites theorize that code snippets are a kind of skeleton that just needs to be “populated” with the data that will come in an update soon. The source code mining also reveals that the company has been working on adding other features, such as one-on-one duels, exchange of Pokémon between “Pokemon GO” players and other inclusions that fans of the little monsters have been asking for.

Finally, Phone Arena have assured that the Pokémon can arrive already in the December update of “Pokémon GO.” However, it is not possible to say whether the arrival will happen at once or in waves, with groups of Pokémon being released every week.

With this monsters update, Niantic expect that the current players will be interested spending more time and drawback the attention to the game. As one of the top game both in PlayStore and AppStore, “Pokemon GO” works hard to keep their top rank.